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Writing: Our mark on the world
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The End of the World
I wake up and get off my cot.
I found this in the ruins of the military base I grew up by.
I throw on the tattered remains of some clothes I pulled off some poor soul who didn't make it.
My little girl stirs in her bed. It's so hard to keep faith with her injuries threatening to take her.
As I leave my shack I see a beautiful sight.
She came over to me and offered me food.
I have been searching for her ever since the Sonic Pulse went off.
I had hoped she had not gone insane from the pulse.
Her jet black hair and striking green eyes made the world a better place already.
To see her after 6 years of struggling to restart life as before was great.
She gave me faith in the world again.
She told me that there was a place we could go to get help for my daughter.
There were doctors at the old hotel outside the north end of the city.
That's when I shuddered. The route to "The Tower" was dangerous no matter what route you took.
Jacey assured me that we could make it with the caravan we were wit
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The Final Run
I run. I run and run. Never do I run in laps, but away from it all. I have been hiding from the police and search parties for three days now. I'm scared to sleep, I'm scared to stop, I'm even scared to buy something to eat, in fear they will turn me in. My story isn't uncommon, and it isn't a good one. I carry pictures of the ones I left behind. Too often do I cry about the loved ones I can no longer see. I left them crying with the loss of me. Every day that guilt pulls me to the police, but the pain of a broken home pulls me to run harder and faster. Uh-oh. Dead end. The police dogs have my scent, I can hear them coming closer and closer. Only one thing to do. I take the gun… and pull the trigger on me.
Am I dead?
I hover above my body as the police dogs arrive. The blood has gone everywhere and I regret what I have done. The police arrive with my father, loved one, and best friend. The girls break down and cry on the spot. My father just stands there in shock.
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Good and Evil by Axel6277 Good and Evil :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 8 0
She's the One
Blood red lips. Ice cold hands. No heart what so ever. She looked at me with those evil eyes and I saw the darkness. I am scared.  The room is dark except for the light on her. Krishna was her name. I will never forget how innocent she looked. Bright blue eyes and an amazing smile, but looks are very deceiving. She laughs at me as I struggle to find an exit. It is getting very frightening now and I feel I should confront her. She plays as if she doesn't have a clue what is going on when I notice a small stab of fear. Maybe she is telling the truth, but the fear is slight and the evil overpowers it so I must shake that feeling. That's when I notice the blade sticking out of her pocket. In one quick motion I grab the knife and throw it away, so she pressed a button and started the self-destruct sequence. As this place starts to fall apart I run after her and almost tackle her when a piece of ruble falls on top of me. I look down upon Krishna, watching her, helping her make the
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Cold Existance Mascot by Axel6277 Cold Existance Mascot :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 1 1
There is no Love
When someone says they love you, be careful. They may be leading you into a trap and ultimately into heartache. For all you know, when they aren't with you, they are with another one that said I love you. I love you is the root of all joy, it's also the root of all evil. There is no such thing as a true love. I hope you prove me wrong.
There is no Love
Someone says love like it's a toy. Well love is the word equivalent to a Nuclear Bomb. Would you  let your kids play with a bomb? Then don't let them toy with others love
There is no love
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They Say...
Don't do that. They say. You'll shoot your eye out. They say. Don't run ahead. They say. Kids think they have the worst life in the world because their parents are watching out for you. Then you get older. Knock it off. They say. You're grounded. They say. I hate you. You say. You claim you mean it, but you don't really mean it. Some of us have snuck out and some of us have ran away. But all of us who have remember that home is where the heart is, and some of us can't stand having the grief of our mothers and fathers on our shoulders. A couple of us have found our grief so bad, we took our own life and without thinking, added to others grief. Its my fault. They say. He was so young. They say. Why not me? They ask. They cry, they hug, they cry some more, and they drink. And they drink. And they drink some more.  Until it finally consumes them and they do something stupid and join you in the Land of the Dead.
:iconaxel6277:Axel6277 2 0
Once upon a Time
Once upon a time…
This is always the words to a happy story. But what if one day we had a Once upon a time with a bad ending? There is a reason we don't have them. Fairy Tales are an escape from reality and life. From abuse and horror. From life and death. No one ever really dies in a Fairy Tale, at least, no one who will be missed. What if life acted that way? There would be no heartache, or depression. Those who deserve to live, will. And the only war we would ever have, would be the war inside ourselves of pink dress or white dress, I know some people seem to be living the fairy tale life, but they are bound to be connected to someone fighting a war, whether that war be in a real battlefield with the army, or on the streets with gangsters, or in their body with cancer. Once upon a time we never took our lives for a girl or a boy. We never even thought of suicide. Once upon a time, hugging strangers was a greeting all around the world. Now all it gets you is a slap on the face.
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Always a Savior
I'm stuck in the dark. I can't see anything but I can hear a man cackling mechanically at me. I can feel myself in a torture rack, unable to move.  This man is taunting me about my past.
"You have done some bad things, have you not?" he laughs. I have no choice but to stay quiet. I don't feel I should let my demons out at this time, nor do I think he's the one to do it to. Will the Hell ever stop?  This man is now raising the rack to do God only knows what. As I reach the top, I notice a light below me. As I notice this, the roof tears off of the building, only for an angel to come down and save me whispering in an all too familiar voice, I love you.
:iconaxel6277:Axel6277 2 0
Fear you can't Forget by Axel6277 Fear you can't Forget :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 1 0
Final Goodbye
Who do you have standing with you? I have but no one. My final leg in sanity has left me on the brink of death. I can't find a reason to stay with man, animal, or life. I'm through. If you all cared, you would not have walked on me, spit on me, and not help me up when I fall. This is the final good-bye.
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Never Die Alone by Axel6277 Never Die Alone :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 1 1 Ghosts of life by Axel6277 Ghosts of life :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 1 0 Fallen Angel by Axel6277 Fallen Angel :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 1 5 The mask... UNMASKED by Axel6277 The mask... UNMASKED :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 0 0 Me in the mask by Axel6277 Me in the mask :iconaxel6277:Axel6277 0 0


  • Listening to: Say Goodnight: Bullet For My Valentine
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Sorry I haven't really done anything for the past few months. I ran into a really rough patch in my life with my dad and I fighting all the time, a couple of really close friends coming into my life (one of them pushing me to ask the other one out), and my dad inviting a friend to stay with us for a few days... and she is a month late on leaving. What pisses me off right now is the homeland problems at my house have made me forget the plot line for the story I wanted to write, and I didn't just forget the plot line, I forgot... EVERYTHING!!! I suppose I will probably need to find a new plot and characters and everything. So.... without further adieu, I would like to revile the broad  plot of my NEW NEW story that I will work on posting on here. I'm hoping to be able to write a psychological thriller, but I don't have any names or anything... but I will keep you updated.
Thank you all for being there... even if you just skip over me.
I want to thank ~ApocalypticAngel4792 for being my inspiration all these years to keep my imagination running, even if I don't get it down on paper. I love you girl.
Thank you all again


Kolton Kutil
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hi. My name is Kolton W. Kutil and I think art is AMAZING!!! I love to make friends so get to know me and you can call me what you want. I have dark brown hair and DARK brown eyes. I'm mainly a poet and working in photoshop, but I'm a better poet. I seem to open up a little bit more to girls than guys. I get to be lucky enough to come from a broken home as well as living with the "unwanted" parent. I have this nasty knack of being really emotional and it is expressed in my poetry. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask.

Current Residence: In a Magic land of Elves and santa and santas elves. FTW!!!
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Favourite photographer: Peter Parker
Favourite style of art: Abstract
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Wallpaper of choice: The one on the Wall
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Peter Griffin
Personal Quote: Insanity is doing what's right



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